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Should you complete your own tax return?

Posted on by Paul Murphy

Nobody likes completing their own self-assessment tax return.  However as the director of a limited company, it is your legal obligation to file your return with HMRC on or before 31 January every year.

Many people choose to file their own return online with HMRC using the HMRC website.  This has the advantage of helping people to keep costs down as they do not have to hire a professional and also gives them control over their personal finances.

Completing your own return can be costly in the long run though.  Engaging Simplyco to complete your tax return has the following benefits:

  • It allows you to concentrate on your own business rather than worrying about tax laws, filing deadlines and investigations.
  • Tax laws change all the time so what might have been correct on your previous return may no longer be so.
  • Ultimately it is your own responsibility to ensure you pay the correct amount of tax.  HMRC will be no less lenient just because tax is not your area of expertise.
  • Here at Simplyco we are well versed in spotting ways to minimise your income tax bill.  If we do not complete your tax return we do not have the full picture when it comes to your earnings and therefore can’t recommend ways to save tax.

If you would like us to remove the hassle of filing your tax return and possibly save you thousands of pounds in the long run, our fee for our Accounting clients to complete your personal tax return is just £125 + VAT. If you would like us to make life less complicated for you, fill in our online application form.

Simplyco are expert contractor accountants and work to make things as simple as possible for contractors, freelancers, interims and locums with their individually designed accountancy packages. To see how we can design our accountancy service around you, please give us a call on 01900 898 440 or email

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