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Do I need tax investigations protection?

Posted on by Jane Fretwell

HMRC are using every avenue available to them to identify tax discrepancies.  It is worth considering that the representation costs for a typical tax investigation can often escalate, not because you have made a mistake, but because you are required to prove yourself innocent of any wrong-doing.

With HMRC investigation activity now commonplace and ever more innovative; please take a few moments to consider how the costs of a tax enquiry would impact on you and your business.

Unfortunately, we can’t stop you from being selected for an enquiry, but we can ensure you can afford a full defence if it happens.

By taking out Tax Investigations Protection you will be covered for any of the costs incurred in defending any of the following events:


  • Self Assessment Full Enquiries
  • Income Tax Self Assessment Aspect Enquiries
  • Corporation Tax Self Assessment Aspect Enquiries
  • HMRC Enquiries under IR35
  • Employer Compliance Disputes
  • HMRC VAT Disputes
  • Schedule 36 Enquiries


Here at Simplyco we offer Tax Investigations Protection for 12 months for just £150 plus VAT.  In the event you suffer an investigation, we will represent you and reclaim any costs incurred in dealing with the enquiry directly from the insurance company.

We only offer Tax Protection to our existing Accounting clients however, if you would like more information regarding this or any other of our services please feel free to give us a call.

Simplyco are expert contractor accountants and offer expert accountancy packages, designed specifically to fit each of their clients’ needs. To learn more about how Simplyco could help you, please give us a call on 01900 898 440 or email

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