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What are the benefits of LinkedIn for contractors?

Posted on by Steven Beggs

LinkedIn is much more than social media designed for business people, it provides access to an online network of influential people all across the globe. It can be a useful tool for almost everyone in any industry, but for contractors it may deliver even greater opportunities.

It is free to sign up and your account will give you access to a variety of features such as:

  •  Building up a network of connections – LinkedIn provides an obligation-free way of connecting (or re-connecting) with past or present colleagues. This is often useful as they may be aware of upcoming vacancies or projects that interest you, before they are due to start.

LinkedIn differs from other social media in that it is centered on connecting with professionals. This then gives you the chance to integrate easily with potential employers and build up a strong referral base.

  • Looking for work – Your profile on LinkedIn is essentially an enhanced online CV which you can update in real time. It’s common to see recruiters utilising the LinkedIn service in order to fill vacancies, so maintaining an up to date profile – complete with recommendations – can be a big help.

You can search the Jobs section of LinkedIn by keyword, company name, job title and location or use the Advanced Search option to search by more specific criteria

  • Relevant industry news – By joining groups and liking articles that relate to your sector, LinkedIn is able to recommend articles and information that you may also be interested in. This gives you access to a free database of up to date, relevant information and expert advice.

Features such as ‘LinkedIn Today’ help to keep you informed, prepared and up to date on any of the challenges affecting your industry.

Make sure you connect to us on LinkedIn to be kept up to date with all the latest news and information we have available for you here.

If you want more tips on networking with fellow industry professionals, take a look at our blog post.

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