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Compliance is something we take very seriously here at Simplyco. In fact, once you’ve referred contractors to us, we believe we have a duty of care to protect your reputation and that of our contractors.

That’s why we don’t encourage tax avoidance in any way, shape or form. Our skilled team of specialist contractor accountants simply advise contractors, freelancers and interims of the legal options available to them. After that, it’s up to them.

To make sure we practice what we preach, we’re audited and advised by Chartergate Legal Services and Armstrong Watson Chartered Accountants, who check that all our procedures, documents and contracts are lawful.

And if there’s one thing we make sure of, it’s that all our umbrella employees back up their expense claims with real receipts. We find many umbrella companies fail to take this basic step, meaning their employees could be chased for tax further down the line.

Of course, legislation such as AWR and IR35 is another big consideration for you and the contractors. That’s why we’ll always keep fully up to speed, ready to advise you on any changes, and update the way we work too.

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