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“Why should I join Simplyco Umbrella?”

ANSWER – You might fancy the contractor or freelancer lifestyle, but without the hassle of running your company. Or, you could be an agency worker. Simplyco Umbrella gives you full employed status, plus all the benefits that go with it. As your employer, we’ll make sure your wages are paid on time, every time. And our specialist contract accountants will ensure that the right amount of tax and national insurance has been deducted.

 “How much does it cost to join?”

ANSWER – Absolutely nothing. A company should never charge you to become an employee. Simplyco Umbrella’s no different. Our application process is as simple and straightforward as it gets. Just remember, as part of the process, we’ll need some evidence that you have the right to work in the UK (it’s required by the Asylum and Immigration Act).

 “How much are your fees?”

ANSWER – As an employee of Simplyco Umbrella, we won’t charge you a fee to have your wages paid to you. Once you’ve submitted your timesheet, we’ll invoice your agency or client for the value of the work done, at the rate agreed. We’ll keep £15 per timesheet as our margin, then calculate your wages. Our margin is fixed at £15 and won’t go up, even if you work extra hours or overtime.

 “Do I need to buy insurance?”

ANSWER – The simple answer to that one is no. Because you’ll be an employee of ours, it’s up to us to make sure the right insurance cover is in place for your role. We are covered for Employers Liability, Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance. So we’re able to work with most industry sectors (subject to approval). If you’d like a copy of our insurance certificates, just ask.

“How long am I committed to you for?”

ANSWER – You can join Simplyco Umbrella for as long or short as you like. Whatever suits you. Some people have been with us since back in 2007, while others might only need to work with us for a couple of weeks.

 “How do I join?”

ANSWER – Simply call us on 01900 898440 or say hello and our team of specialist contractor accountants will handle the rest.